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Merry Christmas!

First, we are ramping up our work with The Foundation Group who is helping the organization apply for and achieve it's tax exempt accreditation so that we in turn can better serve our community. Our hope is to have this completed and received in time for the 2nd annual LMK Memorial Open! ...

Secondly, with Christmas quickly approaching we are pleased to announce that The LMK Foundation is teaming up with Kids Oneida in support of their Adopt a Family Program:

"The Adopt a Family program was started at Kids Oneida in 2001 as a way to provide some holiday cheer for the children and families we served. That first year, the program provided gifts and food to almost 30 families, with just over 70 children. Thirteen years later in 2014, we served over 190 families and close to 550 children. Kids Oneida continues to grow and expand every day in our vision and commitment of Keeping Families Together. This year, even MORE families will need your help.

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