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A Time For Giving

Hello again from The LMK Foundation,

In a time of giving, one of the biggest things things that we can give one another is hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday, and hope that we will make it through today - together.

It is in spirit of that hope and togetherness, and our belief in the power and value of life, that The LMK Foundation is humbled to announce our participation with the Kids Oneida - "Adopt a Family" Christmas Program. Through the strength, support, and generosity of our family and friends we were able to present a check for $500 to the Kids Oneida foundation and also adopt a family of 6 kids ages 2-9 this Christmas.

It is our hope that through our support of organizations like Kids Oneida, that we will be able to begin serving as a bridge that helps guide people within our community to services established to help them heal and focus on what matters most in life - family.

Happy Holidays and God Bless.

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