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The Life is a Miracle Award

In his short 46 days of Life, Liam Matthew Kinne touched the lives and hearts of so many and proved to us that every life is a miracle. In his honor, this award is presented to students who have shown through their actions and achievements throughout high school that they exemplify the fortitude, compassion and dedication to protect, preserve, and enrich the miracle of life.

The Life is a Miracle Award is an annual scholarship award currently given to V.V.S students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education and Health Professions program at Madison Oneida B.O.C.E.S.

Previous Scholarship Winners

2015 Award Recipients:

  • Alexandra Evans - $500

  • Jillian Flagler - $500

  • Ryan Oliver - $500

2016 Award Recipients:

  • Jacqueline March - $500

  • Haley Decker - $500

2017 Award Recipients:

  • Kendra James - $500

  • Kyra Milgate - $500

  • Rachel Cadrette - $500

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