The idea of this organization was originally founded in December of 2014 after the passing of our founder's son Liam Matthew Kinne after 46 beautiful days due to complications stemming from a rare/undiagnosed neurological disorder.

In his grief, and with the help of many great friends our purpose for creating this organization was to honor Liam, and his impact on Jeff's life as a father and as a man. It was also to recognize and to assist the many families of this world who have, who are, or who will be faced with the trauma of losing a child. Our intent at that time was to do two things: to promote awareness through the platforms of education and public outreach, and to promote and to guide people to resources to help them heal as one. While this is something that will always be at root of this organization, over the past two years our purpose has expanded, our details have refined but our roots have stayed true. To help people heal, and come together as one towards a brighter future.



The Liam M. Kinne Foundation serves to create and promote resources aimed at facilitating mental and physical health and wellness while uniting individuals, families and communities together.


Liam M. Kinne
Memorial Open

This year's Liam M. Kinne Memorial open will be held at the prestigious Oneida Community Golf Course Father's Day weekend; Saturday, June  16, 2018. Lunch and Registration starts at 11:30am with shotgun start at 1:00pm.



 Please consider donating to the Liam M. Kinne Foundation, Inc., where 100% of your donations will go back to the community!  Click 'Read More' for more details. 


The LMK Foundation has many irons in the fire at the moment.  Please visit our projects page to learn more about some of the things we are currently working on.

3rd Annual LMK Memorial Open - Another Success!

August 22, 2017

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